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American Bellflower Wildflowers

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WildFlowers Scientific Name:

Campanula Americana

WildFlowers Family Name:

Campanulaceae — Bellflower family

WildFlowers Season:

July - September

Wild Flowers Color:

Light Violet

Wild Flowers Description:

The Campanula Americana, is also known as "Tall Bellflower." because of the unique structure of of this tall-growing plant. The flowers are showy, but individually short-lived. However, new flowers are produced in succession higher up on the spike. The other members of the Bellflower family that occur in Illinois, whether native or introduced, have bell-shaped flowers, while the flowers of the American Bellflower have a more open design with widely spreading lobes. Consequently, this species is easy to identify. This native plant is an annual or biennial from 2-6' tall. Usually, it is unbranched, although sometimes a few side stems will develop from the lower central stem. The central stem is more or less hairy.. Each flower is about 1" across, and varies in color from light to dark violet-blue wildflower, depending on the local ecotype. The corolla has 5 spreading lobes that are divided nearly to the base; they have a satiny appearance under bright light, and tend to have margins that twist and curl. In the center of the flower is the top of a 5-angled ovary, from which a light violet style is strongly exerted. This style bends downward from the flower, but curls upward near its tip; the small stigma is white and divided into 3 lobes. The flower is often white toward the center, rather than blue-violet
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